Techsign is a technology company verifying and authenticating biometrics and documents. Techsign products and solutions are vertically positioned in digital signature and secure identity verification processes. The Company’s R&D centre is based in Istanbul, Teknopark.

Techsign helps design secure, efficient, automated and paperless business processes fundamentally based on biometrics verification and AI. Its regulation compliant Identity & Document Verification for KYC & AML product offers seamless digital onboarding with its AI engine. Cloud based Digital Signing Gateway for better contract management provides automatic business processes, allows instant document tracking, control and security and optimizes hierarchical organization of documents.

The global digital signature industry is estimated to be around US$3.0 billions in 2021 reaching US4.1 billions in 2022. Furthermore, the global size of this segment is forecasted to be over UD$35 billions in 2029, representing 36.1% CAGR. Although physical signatures are still preferred in Turkish legislation, there are no constraints against the use of digital signatures for companies. A recent regulatory change by the Ministry of Health paved the way for an increased use of digital signature.

Techsign is poised to command a significant share in this growing segment due to the ability to support various technologies under digital signature.

Techsign’s references include Coca Cola Turkey, Papara, Isbank, TEB and Remax.

TECHMINE GSYO invested in Techsign in two rounds in September 2021 and May 2022 acquiring a 15% stake.

Our Founders
Abdullah Kip
Selçuk Aktepe


Archmir utilizes artificial intelligence and image processing to revolutionize the vehicle damage assessment process. The Company was founded in March 2020 and selected for the ITU Seed Program afterwards. The first SaaS product with 100% data classification became live in 1Q/2021 and a product partnership agreement with Servicelet Software was signed in October 2022.

Archmir’s SaaS product digitalizes and simplifies the long and manual claims process of damage assessment by insurance companies through extensive data gathered from scanned photos processed by AI. Utilizing a parametric prediction and AI based algorithm, Archmir eliminates manual mistakes and calculates precise damage and costs, drastically speeding up inefficient manual claims processes.

Archmir’s partnership with Servislet in vehicle and tire damage assessment areas sets rules for revenue sharing of licencing and/or selling of both existing and new products to local and international clients.

Archmir’s references include Allianz, Aksigorta, HDI, Sompo Sigorta, Tarsim, Türkiye Sigorta and Techpo.

TECHMINE GSYO invested in Archmir in two rounds in October 2021 and May 2022 acquiring a 15% stake.

Our Founders
Talha Saruhan
Mustafa Çakır


EyeCheckup was founded in October 2019 in Antalya. The Company is a deeptech venture developing software for medical devices and marketing through dealers in Europe and the USA. International consultants such as Bayer G4A and TTGV provides global managerial support, and its research gets published and presented. EyeCheckup develops, markets and supports AI based process optimization and medical screening and analysis software as well as providing consulting for software performance and architectural transformation. The Company currently focuses on detection of anomalies and early diagnosis through retinal screening in its mission of AI based early diagnosis.

EyeCheckup’s vision is to develop and expand early diagnosis and clinical decision support systems in various medical fields. Their first product, an AI and deep learning based retinal diagnostic system to decrease blindness risk, automatically detects more than 20 eye anomalies, including diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration and cataracts in the captured images and enables reporting without expert opinion.

TECHMINE GSYO invested in Eyecheckup in two rounds in December 2021 and June 2022 acquiring a 10% stake.

Our Founders
Rim Khazhin


Wamo is a Fintech venture for SME banking in Europe through offices in Malta and the UK. They are licensed and regulated by the FCA and Bank of Lithuania as a payments and e-money company. Wamo provides custom developed products and services to underserved SMEs due to high regulations and costs in the banking industry. Wamo is currently used by businesses in 89 different countries to operate in the European Union and the UK.

Wamo’s target market consists of 23 million micro businesses and 43 million employees with a volume of 1.6 trillion Euros. Vertical industries include retail and wholesale, tourism, entertainment, restaurants, advisory services and spare parts manufacturing. The number of transactions through Wamo reached 400,000 with growth in transaction volume and number of business accounts increasing by 1150% and 400%, respectively in 2022. Their 400,000 transactions corresponded to 0.5 billion Euros.

TECHMINE GSYO invested in Wamo in March 2022 and used its option in 2023, acquiring an 8% stake.

Our Founders
Yankı Önen


Artlabs was founded in May 2019 within the KWORKS Entrepreneurship Research Centre. They started: the Tubitak 1512 project in July 2019, working with various nationwide restaurant chains to include AR technology in menus in 2020 and the Tubitak 1507 project in January 2021. All projects were completed in 2022.

Artlabs produces metaverse scale interactive 3D and AR experiences for commerce through modern AI algorithms. They act as a bridge between physical and digital commerce scaling up their solutions in the Metaverse.

Artlabs’ mission is to present products with AR technology to increase sales of online retailers and to meet this growing segment’s needs in the era of digitalization. Their vision is to democratize 3D content with AI and to become the main engine of the Metaverse.

Currently, Artlabs generates recurring income from a leading marketplace for AR experience in home decoration. PoC is completed for 3D and AR virtual try-on with a global shoe retailer. The Company created over 10,000 interoperable 3D assets and integrated with AR and virtual try-ons for Space Runners (https://spacerunners.com/).

Experiences produced by Artlabs recorded 20 million views by 2 million people in the last quarter.

Artlabs currently prepares to launch a new web3 product for 3D Internet. Having already established partnerships with NFT marketplaces and metadata creators, they have received investment within the Polygon DAO Accelerator in a cohort of 12 companies.

TECHMINE GSYO invested in Artlabs in April 2022 acquiring a 10% stake.

Our Founders
Uğur Yekta Başak
Mahdi Kazempour
Sercan Demircan


Fuudy was founded in May 2020 and published the first version of their ios and android app in July 2020. It’s a new generation food delivery platform differentiated with curated merchant variety, elevated experience and customer focus whilst being a competitor of players such as Yemek Sepeti, Getir Yemek and Trendyol Yemek. Fuudy brings convenience and access to a unique mix of top merchants, restaurants and F&B suppliers, with 40% of the brands exclusive to Fuudy. It’s the only platform with a system for special long mile and near real-time delivery.

TECHMINE GSYO invested in Fuudy in September 2022 acquiring a 2.73% stake.

Our Founders
İlker Baydar
Cem Mirap


KuartisMED is a biomedical company founded in 2012 by a select group of engineers and medical doctors and researchers to develop products for the well-being of preterm infants. They target the design, development and production of biomedical diagnostics, lifesaving and care products partnering with universities. NeoSAFE is the first product launched by the Company.

Neosafe is a non-invasive medical device for the assessment and reporting of respiration and feeding maturity, utilizing state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and sensors. NeoSAFE was awarded as the most revolutionary diagnostic technology by the Turkish Neonatology Society in 2021.

TECHMINE GSYO invested in Kuartismed in August 2022 acquiring a 2.76% stake.

Our Founders
Ahmet Saraçoğlu
Aylin Tarcan


Spaceport is a high-quality 3D volumetric video capture & VR based streaming engine. Technology of the Company is utilized to improve user experience through augmented reality in live shows, IP camera systems, webinars, online auctions, sports, video games and mobile applications.

TECHMINE GSYO invested in Spaceboard in September 2022 acquiring a 5% stake.

Our Founders
Ahmet Oğuz Mermerkaya