What We Do

TECHMINE GSYO invests in creative minds, that can develop innovative ideas, have the capacity to think strategically, and make life easier with technology. Companies that target technology creativity and that can break new ground and create value with capital support are on our radar.

TECHMINE GSYO (Venture Capital Investment Trust) received establishment permission from the CMB (Capital Markets Board) on June 8, 2021, and was established on July 2, 2021, with a capital of 50 million TL. On September 14, 2021, it received an operating license from the CMB.

What are Venture Capital Investment Trust Companies

Venture Capital Investment Trusts (VCIT) are joint stock companies established to invest in venture companies. VCIT companies consider at least 51% of their capital as venture capital investment. VCIT must go public, at a minimum rate of %25, within 3 years of their establishment and therefore must be tradable on Borsa Istanbul.

VCITs are exempt from corporate tax. Real persons investing in VCITs do not pay taxes on their trading profits. Within certain limitations, real and legal persons can temporarily deduct their VCIT investments from their tax bases.

Founding Partners